Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our Trick We Are Working On This Week

I've decided to set goals or otherwise it's hard to see any progress. Tanner and Kota are learning to take something. My ultimate goal will get them to hold something to work towards retrieving objects later. Kota I would love to be a frisbee dog. He has a strong chase instinct for trucks and cows. I'd like to channel that energy to chase something that he won't get him hurt.

Tanner took about 3 tries and he knew that "take" meant he had to put it in his mouth. I waved the rope toy around and placed it in his mouth with praise, then a chunk of hot dog. I added the command, he is a quick learner, and he opened his mouth to take the bone. After that all I had to do was say take and he placed the bone in his mouth but quickly dropped it for the treat.

Kota I tried getting him excited until he opened his mouth and I stuck it in his mouth with praise. When I tried it again, it didn't work. Next step was to hid some hotdog behind the rope bone, so the smell told him he wanted to open his mouth. He got a rope bone and a piece of hotdog. He doesn't associate the command with the action, with Kota is great progress that he stuck anything in his mouth. He doesn't play with any toys or pick up balls, so hopefully we are working towards that.

It just shows how different each dog can be when trying to train. They learn at different speeds and require different techniques to get the same result.

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