Sunday, November 1, 2009

Getting Your Dog to Bark on Command

This week I'm going to work on getting the dogs to bark on command. They have learned the "enough" command. I use it to tell them that they have barked enough at a sound or something they saw. This works well when they hear the neighbor dog barking or see something exciting out the window. I trained it by saying "enough" and then body blocking the window or door if they didn't stop.

My problem is Kota getting excited in the morning and barking. He will remain quiet until I open the laundry room door and then gets excited and starts barking for attention. I think unknowingly I have been reinforcing the behavior and I can't find anyway to make it stop. If I can get him to respond on command then maybe I can quelch the behavior.

Tanner is not much of a barker. Daisy is a follower, if another dog is barking she will join in and doesn't want to stop until the other dog stops. Here is a great article that includes all the information needed to understand the behavior and train the behavior on cue.

I found a short video using hand signals to get the dog to bark and then be silent. I would also like to work on using more hand signals. Dogs seem to be more responsive to them, but it's hard for me, being such a verbal creature, and many times I have something in my hand.

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