Monday, November 16, 2009

What we worked on today.

Barking is still an issue. We worked on barking with the door knock and hand signal. Tanner already knows how to "speak". Daisy was able to bark a few times on command and then quit, which is not unusual, so we moved on to other commands. Kota doesn't want to bark on command at all. I may try getting keys out or sneakers next time, something that makes him go crazy if he thinks we are going somewhere.

We also worked on "here" for come here. I think we have worn out the come command, so we use "here". When they came, I then said, "back" and walked towards them causing them to walk backward. Daisy did her own version on her two back legs. Sometimes I think she is just as comfortable on two legs as four. I worked on one dog at a time, which was good practice for listening to the command that is directed towards them, by using their first names before the command.

Kota still struggles with lying down quickly. He will "sit" relatively quickly, which makes me think there is someway I'm not communicating the "down" well.

Tell me how you are able to control barking.

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