Friday, December 4, 2009

Don't Talk Back

Tanner is a smart dog and learns quickly. The part that frustrates him is when you give him a command and he is not sure what to do. He starts to speak at me as if to say "I don't understand what you want just give me the treat." He was laying down then I told him to sit. That's when he started to speak. I was trying to get him to go from down to sit without having to lure him. He has learned the chain behavior of sitting and then laying down but when you try to go back to a sit he's not sure what to do. It's interesting that he knows a command until you change the dynamics of the action.

That's why in dog training you should use different places and different distractions to really get a behavior down. Dogs don't generalize behavior sometimes it confuses them when you tell them to sit when your standing and then ask them to sit when your sitting. They may learn that my owner needs to be standing when they say the word sit and not generalize that it doesn't matter what your owner is doing just as long as you obey the command.

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