Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tellington TTouch or Just Massage.

I had never heard of Tellington TTouch until I checked out a new dog training book from the library. From what I understand it is a type of massage that is suppose to relax your dog and help with unwanted behaviors.

I think it runs along the same premise as stroking or petting your dog. It's a way of bonding with your pet and allowing them to relax. But it not only relaxes the dog, it has been found to lower a persons heart rate showing that the human also relaxes.

Anything that helps you bond to your pet will allow you a closer and better relationship. The stronger your relationship the more your pet will want to listen and interact with you. That's why positive reinforcement helps to build your relationship with your pet. No one wants a relationship with someone who is allows loud, impatience and jerking them around.

Something I have learned today is that touch can help you build a relationship with your pet allowing you to be a better leader and have more control over your pet.

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