Sunday, May 2, 2010

Puppy Chewing

All puppies start out chewing, it's they way they loose their puppy teeth and their adult teeth come in. (Though in Daisy's case hers didn't fall out she had two sets of teeth until the vet extracted them.) Some dogs are more destructive chewers than others.

A puppy has to be taught what is acceptable to chew on and what is not. It's alright to tell your puppy no when they are chewing on something inappropriate, but be ready to give them a toy to use. Playing with the toy is a reward and after awhile the puppy will start to prefer the toys.

Try using a basket, box, or container, that the puppy can access, with toys for them to fetch when they feel like playing.

Some great toys to use are those you can stuff with treats, such as peanut butter. They will have to spend time licking the peanut butter out. You can also try puzzle cubes to feed your dog. They will enjoy the mental exercise of working to get their food out.

You can train your dog to chew on toys, so its important to have some toys accessible at all times. Its important to confine your new puppy when you aren't going to be home. This insures that they won't be able to chew on furniture or other things while you are away.

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