Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Teaching A Dog To Leave It

The leave it command comes in handy when you want to communicate with your dog that you don't want your dog to touch that item

1. First start with a treat in your hand. Show it to your dog and say leave it. It the dog starts to reach for the treat simply close your hand.

Tanner  Leaving It

2. When the dog leaves the treat alone reward the dog with a different treat. You don't want the dog to think that leave means wait you can have that in a minute. You want to clearly communicate that you the dog is never allowed to have that.

3. After you feel that your dog understands leave it change things up. Place the treat on the floor and give the command leave it, but be prepared to block any attempt to nab the treat with your foot or hand.

With Daisy you have to be in control or she will grab it.

4. When you feel confident that your dog understand the command you can tempt him with even more distractions or a phenominal treat that you don't think your dog can resist.

Tanner and Kota won't touch it.

This can be used with dogs that want to chase cars, you will have to do training with the cars to get the dog to translate the command to include things other than food. It could be used with a dog that is food agressive to help him learn the leave the food and he will be rewarded. You could use it to stop the puppy from grabbing your new leather shoes to chew on. There are many more possibilities where these commands would come in handy.

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