Monday, August 2, 2010

Dog Training With Distraction

We only stood out at the curb, but the only one who was listening to me was Tanner. Cars drove by, someone screamed out their door (not really sure what that was all about), and the only one who remained seated was Tanner. Kota and Daisy have a long way to go. Kota is a natural truck chaser but he is very aware of the leash and never moves a muscle to chase a truck but he never really wanted to listen to me. Kota did a couple of times let his rump hit the ground but it must contain springs because it came right back up. Daisy couldn't care less, tried different sounds to get her attention but she never wanted to listen.

Treats were not in the equation. I tried to see what they would do with behaviors they already knew in situations they were not familiar doing them in. I will have to use treats in the future to make sure that I have their attention. I think we will have to work on looking at me when their name is called so that at least I can get them away from some of the visual distractions.

(Daisy is so into blogging right now that she is resting her chin on my arm as she bounces with the keystrokes.)

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