Monday, August 23, 2010

Working On Socializing A Dog

Daisy had plenty of socialization when she was a puppy but I think some dogs still develop a fear of strangers. I don't remember exactly when she reached that point but it seemed like one day she didn't mind others and the next she couldn't stand them.

My husband doesn' t care much for animals but he seems to have a heart for rescuing poor animals. A friend of his found a puppy that they took to the vet and found out it had Parvo. The puppy is doing fine and is on medication. My husband had told me about the puppy earlier and today he arrived home with the dog. I know he was doing it for me because he knows how much I enjoy dogs but I knew after awhile he would tire of the dog. It's hard for him with the three dogs already.

His Nanny is lonely and could really use some company. We have been talking about getting her a dog for some time and I think this little dog would be perfect for her.

Daisy got a little socialization training with the puppy because her first instinct is to attack. The poor little puppy just wanted to be friends and her comes the snarling beast. Daisy was able to calm down and didn't mind the training because she got wonderful treats. The other two dogs didn't mind the puppy though Tanner can be intimidating because of his size. It would take Daisy a good week to warm up to the puppy. I tried to tell her she would be great to play with.

Daisy hated Kota when we brought him home too but after about a week she started to accept him.  Now she is always trying to get him to play with her. Kota doesn't reaily know how to play but Daisy and Tanner have been trying to teach him for the last two years.

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