Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 20 - Puppy House Training

It has been a challenge making sure 4 dogs get outside at the appropriate times to go to the bathroom. Amelia picked up clicker training quickly and I have been able to teach her many things. Potty training has still been a challenge. I think the medication she was on made her thirsty because she literally had to go every 15 minutes sometimes. She had to go so frequently that I couldn't keep up with her. We have put potty on command and she has no trouble going. The challenge has been getting her to poop outside. I would walk her for a while and she wouldn't go then she would come inside and poop.

After eating is the best time to take her out to potty. But I have been using her food to train, so she has been feed throughout the day. It has made her schedule hard to catch. With frequent potty breaks, I hope I can pick up her signal that she wants to go outside. Tanner's signal is he will come up to you but won't let you touch him urging you to follow. If Kota has to go really bad he will jump on you and bark until you take him out. Daisy is the least reliable and she really never tells you when she has to go, so she has accidents.

We taught her to jump through a ring. My daughter ran in a circle and pointed with the command ring. She jumped through at a low distance from the ground and slowly raised it so she wouldn't just run under the ring at first. She learns quickly and we almost have to add a command every day to keep her interested.

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