Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Frisbee Training Your Dog

Many want a dog that they can play frisbee with, but it's my experience that a dog that wants to play frisbee is something they are born with. Out of the four dogs we have only two show some interest in a frisbee. Tanner has always enjoyed catching things in his mouth. But he has never really wanted to participate in the retrieval process.

Amelia has shown the most interest in frisbee. We intended to just use the frisbee yesterday to teach her to target. The idea was to have her touch the target so we could get her to do commands at a distance instead of always in front of us. When throwing the frisbee she started to just touch it like I thought she would. Then she started picking it up and soon she was bringing it back to me.

We hadn't planned on working on fetching a frisbee but sometimes you may have to change your training methods. Everydog has some abilities that are unique for them and it is important to be able to harvest those abilities into useful behaviors.

Frisbee is a great game to burn off some energy and get some mental stimulation in the process.

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