Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Getting Your Puppy To Stop Chewing

Want your dog to obey you more. Think your dogs not listening to you. Let's look at a very real scenario. You bring a new puppy home and the puppy grabs your favorite leather shoe. You take off chasing the puppy, yelling, and caring on trying to shame the puppy into giving you the shoe back. The puppy crawls under the couch and you try to reach the puppy which has crawled out of arms reach. Your anger is rising with each moment your unsuccessful.

What has your puppy been taught by you? That taking something is great fun because now they get a great game of chase. If your puppy wants to get away from you when your angry all they have to do is crawl under the couch to get away.

What did you want to teach your puppy? Well of course you want them to give the shoe back right away without a chase.

How can you possible achieve this feat? Next time your puppy grabs something you don't want them to have grab a favorite toy (something irresistible) and tell them to "trade". Your puppy will get rewarded for giving the shoe back. But you have to remember to remain calm and positive. If your still getting angry your puppy is going to crawl underneath the couch again to get away from you. Using a positive fun voice your puppy will want to come to you because you are much more fun this way than playing with that old shoe.

The lesson learned is to remain calm and positive if you want the puppy to listen to you.

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