Thursday, September 23, 2010

How Do People Get Their Dogs To Behave That Way

We went to the nearby Apple Festival this evening which can be a great opportunity to do an activity with your canine companion. I don't think any of my dogs would handle the situation very well at this point. Daisy doesn't like strangers and every person that would try to pet her would end in having a finger being bitten. Tanner would love all the food spilled on the ground and I don't know if he would handle the noise very well. Kota would probably just get stressed out and wouldn't potentially be very friendly to other dogs. Amelia would love the people so much that she would be jumping all over them and she doesn't always like other dogs.

People take their dogs with them and they never make a peep. They are so quiet that you don't even know that they are there. Some times I wonder if it's just their personalities that are personified in their dogs. They are probably easy laid back people who never fuss at their dogs or get stressed out. I wish I could say I was always that way but when I get home and let four dogs out. Amelia is peeing on the floor in front of the door while I'm trying to attach her leash, Kota's barking because he wants to go out, and Daisy is walking around howling to match Kota's noise. I can become not so nice.

We saw one couple with what I think were Shitzu's. Two in an actual baby stroller and one walking on a leash. Another guy had a husky just strolling around while he was passing out his business cards. I even saw a rat terrier not making a peep. Sometimes I don't think I could ever train my dogs that well and I'm jealous.

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