Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dog Training Journal Entry

Lately I have focused on training Amelia but with her sudden disappearance I have focused back on to the other three dogs.

Knocking On The Door - My goal is to have the dogs go to the laundry room when someone knocks on the door. I knocked on the door and then told them BED. They were rewarded when the entered the laundry room and where released after they waited.

Playing Dead - Tanner is dropping to the floor with my gun pointed hand and BANG

Shake - I was able to get Kota to touch my hand with his paw. This was a behavior he offered and I rewarded so that it would continue.

Stationed - I had Daisy sit on a stool. I would like to get all the dogs to be stationed on something.

Underneath - I threw a treat between my legs to get Tanner to move between my legs. I would like to work towards a weave around my legs.

We reviewed sit, down, stand, turn, roll over.

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