Saturday, November 27, 2010

Target Dog Training With the Clik Stik

With some extra money I had amassed I decided to treat my safe by buying a new training tool, The Clik Stik from Premier. You can make your own with a dowel and bead on the end but I though it would be handy to have the clicker right in the handle eliminating having to hold and a clicker at one time.

My dogs don't seem to be catching on to targeting the stik. They all know the touch command with using my hand as the target item. But they don't seem to want to touch the ball on the end. It may be that it is too small for the bigger dogs. Tanner seems to think it belongs in his mouth. He doesn't really bite it per say but he does try to open his mouth around it. Kota will throw all sorts of behaviors but he seems to want to avoid the tip. Daisy seems to be catching on the best but I noticed that sometimes she will by pass the tip to actually touch my hand. I don't know if I want to use touch as the command word in case that causes some confusion with targeting my hand.

The potential for teaching other tricks would be great if I can just get them to fully comprehend the stik. We will keep working on it. I am sorry I have not included any pictures in a while the camera is not working so I am waiting for Santa to bring me a new one.

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