Saturday, December 20, 2008

Meet Tanner

Tanner is the oldest dog in our canine pack. After the death of my beloved Dutch we headed to the Humane Society. We were looking at the dogs in the kennel when the cutest little puppy just went waltzing by. I showed my husband who hadn't seen him yet. We asked if he was up for adoption. At the time the boys were 6 and 4, so we thought a puppy would be a good choice for growing together. He was an eight week old puppy who was taken to the Humane Society because he cried at night, like all puppies do when they are separated from their litter. He came with a crate tons of toys, a bed, and dishes. They definitely had planned to spoil him rotten. I was able to carry him in one hand when we brought him home. Now at over 80 lbs that would be physically impossible.
Tanner is a lab mixed with something else. He looooves food of almost any sort, except celery. He is always looking to steal something edible. He loves at bolt out of a door and knock over the bystander. The french doors don't always close tightly and he is well aware of the fact. We lost him once for a few days. He escaped out of the house one night and never came back. My husband searched around and I called the dog warden. The dog warden had already placed him in a home even though he had only been gone 3 days.
He is a fairly obedient dog in the house but get him outside and his obedience disappears. Some of my training goals with Tanner would be to get him to come when called and learning to leave it.

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