Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Meet Dakota

Or maybe I should just call him Kota. That's what we all call him. He is our drive-in rescue. We went to watch a movie and my daughter was petting a dog in the dark. My husband called him into the jeep with us and he looked so pitiful, his hair was so dirty. He had a small hole just under his ear that was infected. He barely moved for the first week we had him. We tended to his wounds and with the right nutrition he bounded back to good health. At first his coat was all a cream color and he immediately began to shed large amounts until his new coat revealed that he had brown spots. He is a generally calm dog. Unless we are in the jeep on the way to farm and he sees another dog and then he goes berserk. He chases some cars and not others when he is outside. If you catch his movement fast enough, you can call him off. He loves to howl with Daisy when I come home and no amount of coaxing can get them to be quiet. I call him my naturally obedient dog because in most situation he can be trusted off leash.

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