Monday, April 27, 2009

Wearing Out Quiet

As in the other post, I mentioned how you can make a command completely useless. The "quiet" command can be overused and become meaningless, which is the case with my own dogs. I changed the command to "enough". That means that they get to bark once and then they are expected to stop. You will have to reinforce your command with action. It's not enough to just yell at them from across the room, you will have to get up and physical block them from the stimulant. As the case with my dogs, they love to look out the window and bark at other dogs or people walking down the road. I tell them enough and physically block them from access to the window. I remain there until they get the point and turn away in disinterest. At different times just a verbal command will work, as they learn the meaning of the word, or you will have to physically reinforce the command.

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