Sunday, May 17, 2009

Potty Training

Anyone who has every said potty training is easy was WRONG!. It's easier if you have an older dog. Many times you take them out a few times; they will learn quickly. A puppy will need to be taken out almost hourly at first to avoid any accidents in the house. An accident can cause a set back. Confinement to a certain room or crate, with an easy to clean floor, is necessary when you don't have time to watch every move they make. Smaller dogs can be more difficult to train because there signs that they need to go out are harder to pick up. My chihuahua still is not dependable about pooping outside. Most of the time she has to go out right after she has eaten. But if she doesn't go then I have a hard time later telling if she needs to go. If you work hard at it you will be successful, but it will be hard work.

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