Friday, November 6, 2009

Always Working

Does it seem some days there are not enough hours? I was full of good intentions tonight and didn't get a chance to work on the bark command. By the time I got my work done, my daughter was in bed and barking with sleeping don't mix. We did some training on take. Tanner will take anything at this point to get a food reward. Kota will take and hold the frisbee if I put peanut butter on it, which is good progress for him.

I would like Daisy to retrieve a toy on command. She comes to me hopping up and down letting me know she wants to play, but she has trained me to fetch her toys for her, so we are turning the tables on her. She likes food rewards, but I can also use her pink elephant as a reward.

Kota has stopped barking when I go to let him out of the laundry room in the morning. But now the barking has started when you let him out. It's harder to ignore him, now that he is free and I can't walk away from him. His worst barking moment is when I come home from work or somewhere. He and Daisy just reinforce each other back and forth with no end in sight. That's the moment I have a hard time being patient and ignoring the behavior. Hopefully we will be able to stop that with a command. This article has a good example of ignoring the behavior and getting it to be extinguished.

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