Thursday, November 5, 2009

Working on Bark

I used a trigger to get the dogs to bark. My daughter knocked on the door and the dogs barked. I used the command by saying good bark. Then I said quiet and when they were pretty much quiet already. It worked three times, but by the fourth time they knew what was coming and just wanted the treat. We will work on this again tomorrow.

We also worked on "mat". I would like the dogs to go to the rug on command and stay there. It would be useful when someone knocks on the door or when I want to train one dog at a time. I used luring to get them to the mat and the command mat. I think Tanner and Kota have an understanding of the command.

I found a video that is a good example of request barking. The dog has the people trained to play when he barks. Sometimes I think the dogs are better at training us to do what they want.

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