Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dog Training Continues

I saw this cute video of training a dog to go into a bag or crate. We have a bag for Daisy that I never use basically because she doesn't seem to enjoy it at all. So I started training her to get into it.

I hid the piece of chicken in the bag in the back so she had to crawl in to find it.

I then had her sit in the bag for a moment.

From watching that video that I posted yesterday, I learned that I should wear my treat bag all the time and train sporadically. Training to come when your in another room. The thing that worked really well for me today with the barking was being able to tell them to speak and then as soon as I pulled out the treats they were quiet. If that's all it takes to get them to be quiet, I will be pulling out many more treats.

1 comment:

  1. TQ for sharing these tips
    my little monster has no trouble getting into bags as she's been in them since we got her at 5mths

    in fact, she feels so comfortable and safe in them ( yes, she has many lol) that she does not want to come out sometimes