Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rescue Dogs

I loved the story of this shelter dog. It's truly inspiring when you look at how long it took her to train the dog, it definitely wasn't overnight.

Daisy is the only dog we have now that wasn't rescued and that was only because we wanted a tiny dog my dog-loving 3 year old, at the time, could handle. Many places won't allow you to adopt small dogs with small children but it was a good match for her.

Tanner was turned in to a humane shelter when he was eight weeks old because he was crying at night, which is perfectly normal for a puppy taken from it's litter. Tanner is now 8 years old and about 85 pounds. He has come a long way from the puppy I carried home in one hand.

Kota was a stray we found at the drive-in movies one night. He had a large hole under his ear that was infected. He was weak and malnourished. His coat was a dull cream color. After months of good nutrition his coat started to show his true colors of a red blue heeler.

Our dog Roscoe, who passed away shortly before we brought Kota home, was a sharpei mix we got from a humane shelter. He was the scared little puppy in the back. We brought him home and his eyes lit up when he saw Tanner. They were best buddies from the beginning. Kota and Tanner get along but they don't have the same relationship.

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