Friday, November 20, 2009

Other Forms to Teach Your Dog Not to Bark

Training a dog not to bark is time consuming. Different devices are offered that you can use to stop a dog from barking without any training. I think all of them in a way are inhumane.

1. Citronella Collars. The collar detects a bark and sprays the dog in the face. That would be awful to be reprimanded every time you barked, doing something that comes naturally to a dog.

2. Anti-Bark Collars. The use a vibrations, which I don't think would be bad, or a shock, which is down right cruel. A vibration would be a way to touch your dog when they are not within in reach, it seems that after repeated use this could become ineffective. A shock is not fair to a dog that is only doing what comes naturally. Dogs that are sensitive, like our dog Kota, would cry out, maybe more out of fear than pain, but either way I wouldn't want to be shocked.

3. Sonic Anti-Bark Collars. They emit a loud sound to negatively punish the behavior. It seems to me that if you wanted to use a loud sound to punish it wouldn't have to come out of the collar. But then again you would have to emit the sound every time you wanted them to stop barking.

4. Devices that stop the neighbors dog from barking. They emit sonic waves or high frequency sounds to cause the dog to stop. It seems like it would have to be a really annoying or painful sound to distract the dog enough to get them to stop.

All of the options above would eliminate the barking all together. Most owners want their dog to warn them when a someone's coming to the door or walking around your house. I don't think psychologically it would be good to wipe out the barking all together. That's why I have chose to work on getting the dogs to respond to a command.

What do you think about these devices?

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