Saturday, February 6, 2010

Where have I been!

Everywhere but here lately. Sometimes life seems so overwhelming I wonder If I can even get it all done. We haven't worked on any formal training in the past month and probably two if I'm really being truthful.

Like my little mantra says, "Every dog owner is a trainer." Training never ceases, everyday there is always something new to deal with. I have been making the dogs wait patiently at the door before we go out. Kota is always rip roaring and ready to run, but Tanner on the other hand will sit and wait while the door opens and shuts with every rise of Kota. It takes Kota a while to stop moving until I say "okay."

If Kota doesn't bark in the laundry room in the morning I let him out the back door, so he doesn't start his howling. It seems to be helping, my goal is to ultimately have no barking or howling when I come home. It still seems to be a great work in progress.

Daisy is starting to go in the laundry room with the command "bed." I don't use come because there is nothing pleasant about being confined. The two bigger dogs have been for the most part cooperative when given the command. The larger dogs know our routine in the morning and will place themselves in there when they know I will be leaving soon. There are some nights when they get tired and put themselves to bed. They even recognize when we are getting ready to leave so instead of giving the command they just go in the laundry room. Daisy has always run the other way. She never got out of having to staying in the laundry but she always gave it a try. She is now starting to come on her own, she sometimes needs some verbal encouragement along the way.

So even though we really haven't taken the time to work on anything the training never ceases.

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