Saturday, February 6, 2010

Using Verbal Cues

When we travel to my mother's house I let Daisy go outside without being leashed. There is enough land between neighbors that she won't get distracted or try to attack anyone.

I used commands the last time to guide her to remain in the yard. When she got to close the border I would say no or aah. When she headed in the right direction I would praise her. I was amazed at how well she responded to the commands. I was happy to discover that I was able to communicate what I wanted her to do with just simple verbal cues.

Learning more about dog behavior has helped me be more aware of how to communicate with them. The more you use positive reinforcement, the more your dogs will be willing to listen to you. With the old methods of dog training, I can see why it never worked well for me. No dog wants to listen to you when they are always punished when they do what you want.

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