Monday, May 17, 2010

Retriever Training

No dog trainer is perfect but I think there is usually something that can be learned from different individuals. All trainers do things a little different and in the same respect all dogs do not learn the same way so it's good to vary your ways you get your information.

The one thing I really learned from this video is using the dogs' name to solely get the dogs attention. He doesn't use the dogs name to have it come. When he says the dogs name all he wants is the dog to look at him and then he can give another command because the dog is paying attention.

I'm not fond of using a choker chain. It seems as though you would have some problems later on with the dog dreading the collar and trying to avoid the situation. He has so much control over the dog by simply using her name its seems that it would be just as effective to use a command or sound to mean that the dog did something wrong. Most of training is the timing, giving the correction or rewards at the moment the action occurs.

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