Monday, June 21, 2010

Seeing Eye Dog For A Blind Dog

This is a touching story of how one dog cares for another. The German Shepherd, Leo has become the guide for a little King Charles Spaniel, Ellie that has severe cataracts.

The article questions if Leo recognizes his companions disability or if he just has a gentle nature about him. I think that the Leo probable realizes the distress that his friend is in but I think it would also take a gentle nature. Ellie must exhibit some unnatural behaviors for a dog due to her lack of eye sight. Dogs are excellent at reading body language.

You don't have to say a word and often times your dog can anticipate they action that is coming up. My dogs know when I'm getting ready to leave and they are going to have to go in the laundry room (Tanner is a garbage picker due to his keen sense of smell and Daisy's bathroom habits can not be trusted when left alone for extended periods of time). I don't always follow the same routine and sometimes I may not be going far so I don't grab a purse but they can tell by other small signals that they need to go in the laundry room.

If I grab a treat bag it's amazing how fast they will sit or lay down without saying a word. If my son grabs a leash they become excited balls of fur. I think that is why they have been able to use dogs to help the disabled because of their keen sense.

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