Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I can remember when people used to use the punishment method and said you needed to wait to train your dog because otherwise you could physically hurt them. Postive training is great because you can start when they are weeks old and how amazing it is that a 5 month old puppy can have so much training already.

I would like to teach Daisy to retrieve or go get her toys on command. She always comes over hopping up and down while I'm seated but she will never bring the toy with her. Sometimes she will run to the toy give it a few shakes and then hop on back. She never wants to bring me the toy but will respond when I tell her to get the cheeseburger.

What's kind of interesting is that one day while I was trying to vaccum I tossed the toy aside and she kept bringing it back but as soon as I turned off the vaccum she refused to bring it back. I would like to work on that with her so she would bring the toy to me and not just hop up and down.

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  1. I loved that video. Dogs are so smart. Yes, positive training is wonderful. It's the only way to train if you ask me!