Monday, June 28, 2010

Waiting at The Door

Kota and Tanner are willing to wait at the door without distractions. So we will have to start adding some distractions to the mix in order to get more proofing of the behavior.

Tanner has been a door dasher since almost the day we got him. The neighbors across the street got a lab puppy around the same time we brought Tanner home and he wanted to find a buddy so bad. The boys were much smaller then and the bigger he got the more powerful he became. He would barrel through us to escape outside. Sometimes I would resort to tricking him to get in the car but then I would have to take him for a small ride or he wouldn't fall for that trick again. My daughter is still small enough that Tanner can over power her and escape through the door. We have resorted to making her go outside through the laundry room because there are two doors and they don't usually rush you to get in the laundry room. But if they did they still wouldn't be outside.

I have learned to look at the dogs and command them to wait because they will listen. If I forget to give them the command it's almost like the door is fair game and they can go rushing out. The goal is to one day not have to worry if someone left the door open but it will take a lot of erasing past behaviors to get there I'm afraid.

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  1. Kota and Tanner have such sweet faces. In this picture, they look very obedient!