Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The New Poopsta

I have been traveling this week so the posts have been rather scattered. I got an email about a new product called a poopsta. I watched the video and it seems quite clever but I don't think I would want to fool with the contraption. It seems to me that it would be easier to just flip the bag inside out and pick up the poop. Thankfully living out in the country we don't have much call for a poop bags except the few times we travel. But go ahead and take a look at it. Let me know what you think of it.


  1. Well....I don't know about the Poopsta. I'm old school. I just need a regular old poop bag. People invent all this stuff to pick up poop because they feel if they get too close to the dog's poop, that would be terrible. Hey, it's just dog poop, no big deal!

  2. Hi there.

    Thanks so much for the mention here.

    Just wanted to point out that the Poopsta isn't for all dog owners.

    The Poopsta is only really for dog owners who don't like the feel of the poop through the bag; don't like having to knot the bag; and, don't like having to carry more than one bagged poop until they get to a poop bin.

    Poopsta takes care of all these things - loads in seconds as you can see in the video; picks and packs quicker than the eye can see; lets you continue your walk hands free without needing to deal with swishing poop-filled nappy bags; and, can even be used to pick up without stooping! (Amongst several other things ;))

    The observation over here in the UK is that pretty much all dog owners say they pick up - which is why it's so puzzling why there's so much dog poop on the pavement!

    Dog owners get a lot of grief and fines for not picking up. The Poopsta is a pet gadget that perhaps brings a little fun - and a fun incentive to pick up we hope - to what is a pretty mundane task. That's what our customers tell us anyway!

    Thanks again. And thanks for the feedback.

    All the best,

    For Poopsta
    Give Poop the Push!