Saturday, July 10, 2010

Camping Out With The Dogs

Do every do any fun activities with your dogs that out of the ordinary? Take a vacation, traveling, or other activities.

My husband's grandmother owns a large farm that we enjoy camping out on. We just go out their and sleep under the stars. I take the dogs more for protection than anything else. That are much quicker to respond to noises or other potential threats. There have been black bear siteings, coyotes, raccoons and we see the occassional snake around. Though the only thing we ever really see is the grazing cattle and try to stay clear of the bull.

Kota is a cattle chaser and last night tried to give the bull a nip. The bull would have none of it just tried to give him a kick to tell him to quit. After bringing Kota home I have more of an interest in learning more about training cattle dogs. I am curious about the behaviors of cattle and using the training of a dog to manage cattle.

The dogs really enjoy hanging out at the farm. What dog wouldn't enjoy all the smells that are awaiting an investigation. Though we do frown on Kota when he gets a notion to roll in cow poo. I think it must be a natural way of hiding his scent or maybe because he is a boy he just wants to be disgusting.

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