Monday, July 5, 2010

Some Times You May Want to Hide the Treat in Dog Training

My daughter got the frisbee out to throw for Tanner. I normally throw it at him and he catches it. He has never been much of a retriever (though there is definitely some in his blood). She threw the frisbee down the hall Tanner picked it up and brought it back. May I say this is one of the very few times he has brought it back. My daughter was just thrilled with the action so much so that she ran to get the treats for him.

Well, he didn't want to repeat the action or only very minimally. His whole focus was on the treats. He no longer wanted to run for the frisbee. He wanted us to toss the frisbee to him so he could hold it and be rewarded.

Don't under estimate the intelligence your dog has to manipulate you to get what he wants with out much work. Next time we won't drag the treats out we will just try using verbal praise. We may want to just use verbal praise when training and use the treats more as a dessert at the end of training.


  1. Sometimes dog can also deceive people when you play with them or with those treats. They are more intelligent than other animals.

  2. That picture put a big smile on my face. He is so cute!