Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 6 With Puppy Training

Here's some puppy training advice on another puppy quirk they try to use on you is barking to get your attention. The natural human response is to turn an look at the puppy. Well then they have you because you just rewarded the puppy with your attention. That rewarded behavior is sure to be duplicated, if you remember not to look when they bark at you then that behavior will become extinct because they will not be rewarded for barking at you. It's kind of like the jumping on you or stealing your shoes, if the behavior is ignored they will try something else to get your attention. Make sure to reward them when they are quiet and they will want to continue remaining calm.

You will get to see our new puppy in action in the above dog obedience training video. We have had her less than a week and she knows sit down pat. Down is still eluding her and she needs a lure to get there, but with the lure she is quick to respond. Stand and turn both need to be lured. We only do about 5 minutes of formal training a day but of course training continues every time she grabs a shoe or tries to dash out the door.

We took her to the park to socialize her to new surroundings and new people. Unfortunately there wasn't very many people there but we did learn that Amelia likes to go down the slide on her own. I wish I had brought the camera with me, so we will have to go back again and I will try to video tape it.

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