Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 7 Puppy Training Help

There has been some friction between Daisy and the new puppy. Daisy is the only dog that still enjoys playing with toys. Tanner's days of chewing are over unless he is able to get a container with food in it. Kota only chews on car doors aggressively when the farm dogs chase the car but he never plays with toys.

The puppy would love to have somebody to play with but the only one remotely interested in playing is Daisy. With the puppies size about three times that of hers it's almost physically impossible. The puppy wants to take Daisy's toys from her which causes her to growl and the puppy is not afraid to growl back. The puppy will attack Daisy if not separated immediately.

I've never really heard of toy aggression but we will have to limit the playing of toys. I normally keep the toys in a basket on the floor but I will have to distribute the toys at my discretion. It will be time consuming because anything that is left on the floor is fair game for the puppy to play with. It may be a great way to get the kids to pick up their belongings.

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