Sunday, August 15, 2010

Keep Dog Training

My husband commented this morning that they dogs didn't bark this morning when I went to remove them from the laundry. It was great to hear that because it was an affirmation that my training is actually working. I have realized that even if you are not directly training them to quit barking that any kind of training begins to give you more control over your dogs. I am now more effectively communicating with them which helps me control the unwanted behavior.

Many people think dog training doesn't work probably because they thought it was going to be a quick fix. Training doesn't have to take hours but you have to work on it consistently or you won't be able to see results. We all get discouraged and think we can't do something but dog training will work if you are willing to be flexable and take different approaches. It's not something that works the same way with every dog but is a great tool to be able to enjoy your pet even more.

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