Thursday, August 19, 2010

Using A Dog's Name Properly In Dog Training

I've learned the hard way not to use a dog's name negatively. When Tanner bolts he will not return immediately if you use his name. He must have started bolting out of the house as soon as he could run. He loves to find another dog to go gallivanting with or if Dakota is out he'll just take him. I use to yell at him every time he would escape, like I could shame him into coming back.

Never use a dog's name when you are telling them no because that is also a negative association. Their name should be used in only positive instances and should not mean that you want your dog to come. Recall is another behavior that you want to teach, but the use of their name should mean that you want them to look at you. A dog that is attentive to you will be ready for further commands you are ready to give.

Keep their name a positive influence, if you have to shout it or say it sternly then you are using it incorrectly.

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  1. thanks for reminding me of that as i tend to use CoCo's and Tiffy's names when i'm reprimanding wonder they think i'm an idiot!