Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 2 With The New Puppy

Puppy being taken alive by the kitten.
Day 2 with the new puppy has been pretty uneventful. I'm starting to wonder if the dog is really going to end up at Nanny's or not. I haven't really named it because I don't want to get to attached. But my husband keeps making up excuses, so I'm wondering if he really wants to keep it. It is much easier having a puppy when you have other semi-well-behaved dogs (Hey, no dog is perfect.) The other home she came from she chewed on their new leather couch. Though that is not a problem because we don't have a leather couch. The only thing the puppy has chewed on is the kitten, which has outgrown Daisy.

Daisy is no longer trying to viciously attack the puppy. She has admitted defeat, that the puppy is going to stay at least for a little while. I think Daisy liked the fact that she got to sleep in the bed with me last night. She normally sleeps in the laundry room, but we knew the puppy needed a place with other dogs so she wouldn't cry and we weren't sure Daisy was going to be nice to the puppy. 

Daisy has corrected the puppy once when she was jumping on my daughter. That's another nice thing about having a pack because they will correct the puppy and help keep it in line.

The puppy is an expert door-dasher. I just tried to get out the door of the car and before I knew it she was at my feet. I think we are going to have to keep a leash attached to the waist to insure she doesn't run out until she learns that she has to wait at the door.

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  1. We got a new puppy at the weekend too. I think you are right that an older dog helps.
    Your blog has lots of useful information about dog training that I will read.
    From Ella.