Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 10 With New Puppy Training

Puppies have the sharpest teeth sometimes I wonder why they have to be so sharp and the really seem to have the need to use them on EVERYTHING. I am one of the walking wounded when she tries to grab her toy at the top and misses and gets my arm instead. Keeping her on a leash attached to my waist keeps her calmer. She is not tearing around the house chewing on the cat or the chihuahua. The kids really need to learn to pick up everything and get it out of reach.

Amelia does not like to share the toys with Daisy. It's been hard because Amelia almost constantly needs a toy to keep her from grabbing something else. I think I should invent the puppy pacifier to keep her from chewing we could just stuff it in her mouth. I will be glad when she sheds those teeth.

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