Sunday, October 24, 2010

Teaching Your Dog to Walk On A Loose Leash

Teaching a dog to walk on a loose leash is very helpful because most of the time away from home your dog will be on leash. It's not hard to teach the dog but it will take time with positive reinforcement. Grab your clicker and follow these simple steps:

1. Use a 6 foot leash that you will hold in one hand and the clicker can be held in the same hand leaving your other hand open to reward with treats.

2. Click and treat the dog for each step they take with you.

3. If the dog pulls, slowly walk in the opposite direction and when they arrive next to you go ahead and click and treat.

4. Increase the clicks to two steps, then three steps, etc.

Before you know it your dog will be walking with you and not dragging you down the street.

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