Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cynosport 2010 - USDAA

We have never been to an agility competition and I noticed on the website that they had a competition this week in Louisville. So my daughter and I went to see what it was all about. It was interesting to see the competitors (mostlly Border Collies). It was interesting to think that they trained for many hours to culminate into 30 seconds of competition.

I thought it interesting that some of the pairs were no equally matched. Some of the dogs were faster than the owners or occassionally it was the other way around. Many times a dog misses a jump or obstacle because the communication from the handler was not clear. I also noticed that some of the obstacles are so close that the dog has to make a complete 180 degree turn making it hard to communicate that you don't want the dog to go to the nearest obstacle. I wonder if some of the handlers train using a special command to get the dog to almost completely turn around.

We didn't take any of our dogs because we weren't really sure how they would handle it and it was a pretty long drive. Amelia needs the socialization but I don't think her potty training skills are quite up to par. Maybe next time.

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