Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Do Puppies Eat?

Dogs have been known to eat strange things. I have heard of dogs that like to eat rocks. You can probably name any household item and it has been eaten by some dog somewhere. Puppies are notorious chewers because they are trying to shed their puppy teeth and many use it as a form of entertainment.

Who would have thought that a puppy would get a hold of a knee-high and try to ingest it? Amelia hears many times a day if she wants to "trade". She will usually give up the item she is carrying around for a great toy. This evening she didn't want to trade even with coaxing, so I chased her from room to room (something that you really shouldn't do) until she was cornered and I tried to pull the knee-high out of her mouth and I pulled and I pulled and I pulled. (I think you get the picture) I think the bottom of the knee-high was already down to her stomach. If I had known that she was actually ingesting the knee-high I would have worked faster to retrieve the object.

It's important to keep objects up and out of the way but three kids that don't like to pick up after themselves it's almost impossible to keep things out of reach. Thankfully this time it turned out okay but next time it could be fatal. Puppies need to be supervised similar to the way you would supervise a baby.

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