Monday, November 15, 2010

Missing Dog

If you see Amelia, please send her home. My husband let her outside but didn't stay with her. I went out a little while later after I realized he had just let her outside but there was no sign of her. We will keep looking but in a rural area anything could have happen and some of them not very pleasant to think about.

Every one of our dogs has disappeared at one time or another. Tanner got out one night and never came back. We searched around and then called the dog warden. It had only been a few days but the dog warden had found him a new home. We were able to go to their house and get Tanner back.

Daisy got out of the house one night with Tanner. We think the door wasn't shut all the way and he pushed it open letting Daisy and himself out. Tanner came back but Daisy was no where to be found. We called the dog warden but no luck this time. We put up fliers at the local gas stations which proved successful. We were able to find out the area she had seen her in but it took two days for her to actual catch her. Both times their collars were removed and the were found miles from home making us think someone tried to take them home.

Kota went for a walk with our son but he wasn't on a leash. My son didn't keep track of him and came home without him. He was gone all night until my husband went out the next day and found him down the street.

Amelia aka Amelia Bedila
So with plenty of experience on missing dogs were are hopeful that she too will be found.

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  1. I hope Amelia comes home soon. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

    Love, Cupcake