Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shaping A Behavior

Shaping a behavior is one area of dog training I find difficult to master. Tonight I tried to shape the mat behavior. At first I wasn't really fast enough to capture Amelia stepping on the mat and then I had to lure her to get on the mat. She just didn't really get what I was asking but she was willing to keep trying sit and down to see if she would get a click. Tomorrow I may try using the touch command to get her on the mat with out luring with a treat.

Next we tried Take - taking a toy in the mouth on command. That was so much easier to communicate than the mat. There is this neat competition I read about where an owner is seated and uses verbal command to get their dog to take an object and place it on a $100 bill. It would be fun to be able to communicate well enough to get the dog to place an object where you want it.

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