Friday, November 5, 2010

Training - Even People Can Be Trained

I had one of my DUH! moments today. I have posted before about the excessive barking the dogs do in the laundry room. The information I found on the internet suggested teaching them to bark on command. I tried not opening the door until they stopped barking but that could take hours (at least it felt like it). I tried walking away from the door (which has glass windows) and going into another room but they never seemed to catch on that I wasn't going to open the door unless they were quiet.

After adding Amelia it has gotten a little louder and I have gotten a little more frustrated (by the way don't do that). Then today I opened the door but I didn't allow any of the dogs out. I took treats with me and waited for quiet. The were treated and we were able to exit the laundry room quietly.

Now training thoughts would tell you that you are rewarding them for barking by entering the laundry room. But I think they are catching on with the notion that they need to be quiet to exit. Of course I have only done it a few times but hopefully with more training they will learn to be quiet.

So don't ever give up on dog training and don't be afraid to think out of the box. Just because others do a training one way don't be afraid to look for other alternatives or come up with your own. Every dog learns differently don't be afraid to change your training method.

Just an idea to help with training your dog not to bark.

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