Thursday, November 4, 2010

Many Reasons For Making A Blog

My hope in starting a blog was to reach others with what I was learning. Providing tips to others who were trying their hand at dog training. Not many others drop by to read the blog but I can tell you that I have greatly benefited from my own time that I have spent learning.

Researching ideas to write about has helped me to find new ideas and tidbits to try. Some things work quite well while others have taken a back seat. I'm not the greatest at shaping a behavior. It could be the speed of my clicks or just my inability to break down a behavior into different parts.

With Amelia it has been easy to get a complete recall from her. Keeping all her training positive has made her want to obey to every command. She is a frequent stealer of shoes. We have made into a kind of game. I say trade (instead of chasing her insanely around the room) and she comes running because she knows she will get a treat.

Potty training has been difficult with her. Not as bad as Daisy. Potty training smaller dogs seems to be more difficult. But with maturity she has been able to control her functions better. It also helps that her recall is very good so if I can't find the leash I can let her out so she doesn't empty her bladder on the floor in front of the door. She has been able to go all night without having an accident.

I posted on Journaling earlier. I think this blog has really become my Journal where I can post my ideas on training or just post some videos to help with training. So I hope that one day this blog can help someone else as much as it has helped me.

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