Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our New Puppy

After losing Amellia, training just isn't moving as fast as it was with a puppy. Tanner is inching towards ten years old and just not as interested in training as he is in eating. Kota is good dog but hard to train. He learns but at a slow pace. Daisy likes to train for a while and then loses interest opting just to play instead.

I can't stop itching.

Intoducing our newest adoption, Bailey, some sort of Australian Cattle Dog mix. I saw her on the internet at our local shelter. She was the only puppy out of the litter with the Australian coloring markings and she was the only one with a docked tail. One of her siblings had half a tail but the rest were all normal length tails.

She is probably around eight weeks old. She already knows what go potty means when I take her outside. Her cute little belly holds her back as she struggles to make it up the two steps to get on the porch. The rest of the pack are warming up to her. With the different personality of the other three dogs it helps to start with a little puppy to fit into the pack.

She was covered in urine and her poor skin was covered in debris. After her bath I had to take the flea comb to her and gently scraped all sorts of dead skin. After the bath she could hardly stop itching. My daughter has been mothering her and even got her to sleep on her back in the doll crib. My husband thinks she is too quiet for a puppy but I think he is going to be shocked when she matures a little and the puppy comes alive.

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