Monday, February 14, 2011

My Pokey Little Puppy

Bailey fits the roley poley puppy to a tee. She tries to run and ends up tumbling in a roll. It is a very fluid movement, sort of resembles jello jiggling. She tried sitting on a small grassy incline and ended up roley poleying on her back without a care in the world.

I love using the clicker training for teaching the puppy. She knows sit pretty, because she naturally lands on her butt. The weight of her large puppy belly is just too much to hold up in a standing position. I used some salmon to teach her to go in the crate and Daisy joined right in. Daisy knows that the puppy already outweighs her by 5 lbs even though they stand about the same height because she stops any attempt of play.

We also worked on down, which she had no problem following the piece of fish to the floor. We haven't had too much with chewing or jumping on anyone because she is still a tired growing little bundle of fur. She can bark and whine pretty well already which may become an issue later.

She has gotten to sleep in the bed the last two nights because I didn't want to hear the whining after being separated from her litter. She made it over eight hours last night without having to go potty. She has been fairly easy to potty train. She is laid back and doesn't have to go to the bathroom very much. Not that she hasn't had any accidents but she doesn't have to go to the bathroom nearly as much as Amelia did. It makes me wonder if something was wrong with Amelia because she would drink large amounts of water and have to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes sometimes.

We are trying to enjoy having a little puppy because I know the real work will come soon.

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