Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tanner Using Kong Wobbler

With Tanner's age he does't show much interest in playing with toys. But food can change all that. I decided to buy him a Kong Wobbler because I figured he would enjoy using it. I was right, it took him no time to get the hang of the contraption. What I didn't count on was him not wanting to eat his meals from it. He couldn't stand the other dogs getting a bowl of food when he had to work for his.

This toy is not for every dog. You have to consider size and ability when choosing this type of toy. If Tanner had been the only dog this probably would have worked out fine for feeding meals from. Bailey will probably be able to use this when she gets bigger. Kota shows no interest in it. Though Kota doesn't like to play with any kinds of toys.

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