Friday, February 25, 2011

Training In Levels

There are so many things that can be taught to your puppy. I find it hard to organize training, what to teach and how much to teach. I discovered a website that is written by Sue Ailsby that is organized into training levels. The levels are broken down into steps to be taught for a service dog. But the good thing about this training is that you not only get a well trained dog but also a dog you can communicate with in all sorts of situations.

You can download an app for you ipod or iphone that not only has the steps broken down but also allows you to keep track of your progress. It starts out with the basics such as sit, down, come, and zen. I have never heard the term Zen used but it boils down to the same thing as leave it.

I enjoyed the testimonial on her website about how quickly she could teach her Giant Schnauzer something new. It only took her six minutes to teach her dog flyball. I think in some aspects it is easier to teach a puppy than to start with an adult dog. Not to say an adult dog can't be trained but it may take longer than a puppy.

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